//Grow your Business with Every Door Direct Mail®

Grow your Business with Every Door Direct Mail®

If you own or work at a service-based or retail business that draws customers from a certain geographical area, the United States Postal Service® has a great product for you! Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) is a way for you to reach customers in certain zip codes, and in specific carrier routes. You do not need to purchase a mailing list, and you do not need a mailing permit.

You can mail to an entire city, specific neighborhoods, or an area that is within a specific distance from your business. For example, if you own a dental practice, you can target neighborhoods that surround your office, and have a postcard delivered to every household in those neighborhoods. Some items that can be included are coupons, a map of your business location, calendars, and your hours of operation. You can make an offer specific to new patients, send the postcard to the targeted neighborhoods, and then track your response.

Are you worried that most people will not read your message? Studies have shown that 85% of people sort and read their mail every day, and over half of those people say they pay more attention to print advertising versus digital advertising. In addition, 78% of people say they prefer reading on paper. Having your printed message in the hands of potential customers can lead to more new customers, especially if they are looking or have a need for your services. (source: http:// blog.print-print.co.uk/reading-online-vs-print-consumer-preferences/)

Can you afford it? YES! The good news is that EDDM is a low-cost way to advertise. With today’s printing technology, the cost to produce the postcards is very reasonable – a fraction of what it was even 5 years ago. And even better yet, the postage cost is very low, around 17 cents per piece.

One of the most popular products used for EDDM is a postcard, and an often-used size is 6.5” by 9”. This is a large postcard, with plenty of room for your message. When designing your postcard, keep in mind that using a professional graphic designer is important. Your message needs to be easily understood and visually appealing. In the example above, having your postcard professionally designed and printed will increase the odds it gets read and acted upon.

If you have any questions, please feel free contact us. We have designed, printed, and mailed thousands of EDDM pieces.

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