Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is a way of binding books where a card stock cover is glued to the pages. The card stock cover is coated or laminated to protect the pages. Perfect binding is an economical binding option, and great for catalogs, trade show books, magazines, longer programs, and more.

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This type of binding is a professional way of presenting products, services, or even as a soft-cover, or paperback book. Perfect binding is a cost effective method of book binding perfect for a variety of industries.

Perfect Binding Process

The perfect binding method starts with printed pages which are compiled, folded, and assembled into the correct order. Groups of pages are called signatures in the printing world.

The first and last pages are then glued onto a bigger sheet that becomes the front and back cover with the signatures stacked together making the inside pages. The binding edge is then primed with a thermal glue to act as the spine. Once the pages are together at the spine, the sides of the book are trimmed to create a finished look which is why it’s called a “perfect” book. The edges are cut uniformly, or perfectly, which is not always the case with traditional hardcover books.

This type of book printing is a professional way to present products or services.

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Perfect Book Binding Examples


Perfect bound books are great for universities and colleges to list upcoming courses with descriptions. Course catalogs can feature bios and information about the professors, the campus, and more.

New Writers

Authors who may not have a large publisher or are just getting started in the industry can consider self publishing their work in a paperback books or perfectly-bound booklet. Putting their pieces out there in the world will bring recognition and visibility.


Perfectly-bound booklets are great for real estate offices to showcase the homes they are trying to sell. Perfect binding is great to compile listings in a professional presentation so an interested homebuyer can peruse all the choices!


The perfect binding technique is a great solution for clinics to organize their services but also offer lots of educational material. For example, if there is a procedure that a patient might be interested in, they will want to know everything about the process.

Dentist clinics, behavioral health, and physicians can all benefit from perfect binding services for their offices.

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Benefits of Perfect Binding

A soft cover book looks great but is also the most cost-effective way of presenting something in book-form. The nice thing about perfect binding is that the spine can be printed on as well, differentiating it from spiral-bound books or the spiral binding method. That way, a certain issue or name of the catalog can be printed on the spine.

Perfectly-bound books also last a long time with quality-printed pages with a variety of paper weights, full colors, and finishes. Finally, this style of booklet is able to be printed in small runs making it a budget-friendly way of creating high-quality printed projects.

Limitations of Perfect Binding

There are some disadvantages to perfect-bound books include that they can’t lay flat so the pages do have to be printed farther away from the spine. Perfectly-bound books are also not ideal for things like cookbooks or user manuals where you would need to stay on a single page for a longer period of time.

Perfect-bound books are also limited to a number of pages as well. For instance, you wouldn’t want a 1,000-page catalog! That many inside pages of the book would be difficult to keep together by gluing at the spine.

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Digiprint | Perfect Binding

Digiprint is able to print short runs, as low as 20, perfect-bound books with their new perfect binding machine, making it a great option for local authors, health clinics, and more. Our in-house designers can help you design a perfectly-bound book that your customers or audience will love. We also have a variety of templates you can choose from.

There are so many great reasons for a quality-printed perfect-bound book. Reach out to see what we can do for you and learn about our various printing services!

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Perfect Binding

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Perfect binding is a cost effective method of book binding perfect for a variety of industries.

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Printing for the manufacturing industry takes a certain finesse and expertise. Creating marketing materials specifically for manufacturing businesses like mills, factories, or plants means using appropriate colors, images, types, and fonts.

medical dental veterinary printing services

Medical & Dental

Doctor’s clinics, dental offices, and other healthcare professionals have to issue a lot of paperwork. From appointment cards to patient history forms, there are significant printing needs to be met. Rather than exhaust the capabilities of the office’s single printer, consider using your local printer to fulfill your bulk printing requirements.

education printing services


Whether your school is holding a fundraiser and you need hundreds of flyers or you need to send out a school calendar or rack card with direct mail services, we can with our print services. Our in-house graphic designers can use your school’s logo and brand colors and help create a memorable campaign that encourages school spirit!

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Real Estate

Realtors work hard to get their listed homes in front of potential homebuyers. While digital advertising is an important tool in a real estate professional’s arsenal, printed marketing materials have proven to be tried and true when selling a house.

ski area recreation outdoor printing services

Ski Areas & Recreation

Ski areas, water parks, campgrounds, and so many more recreational arenas have use for promotional printing projects. From brochures to flyers, there are plenty of ways that Digiprint can help your business.

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Hospitality & Gaming

As a local Reno, Nevada printing company, we have had years of experience printing for hotels and casinos. Reno is no stranger to visitors, and businesses that welcome those visitors need a good way of communication. Whether it’s brochures at the front desk outlining different loyalty programs, table tents advertising the latest specials, or direct mail services letting the public know about an upcoming event, Digiprint can help.

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Trade Shows

Reno holds many trade shows every year. From gun shows to Hot August Nights to different retail events, the Reno-Sparks Convention Center and hotel conference halls around town are rarely empty. Whether you are manning a booth, helping to run the event, or are an attendee, there may be a need for a printing project. Here’s how we can help.

convention printing services


Reno, NV is a convention hub and holds a variety of conventions no matter the time of year. Conventions usually feature keynote speakers, workshops, and smaller organized events for attendees to further their knowledge in the industry. Reno has many common conventions like academic conventions, political conventions, auto conventions, and more.

Gary Buckley
Gary Buckley
March 22, 2021.
I am very pleased with Digiprint in Reno Nv. Their service and all other accoutrements regarding their business is first rate! I have done business with them in the thousands of dollars and they have ALWAYS come thru for me on time!!!
cathy Karr
cathy Karr
February 3, 2021.
Digiprint did a beautiful job printing cards and bookmarks for my Mom's Memorial. Kristi is very talented and took special care and time to ensure that the graphic design was what we wanted. I highly recommend this printing company.
October 9, 2019.
Everyone that i interacted with was very helpful and willing to work with me. I came to them with a couple of drawings and they made something that exceeded what i had envisioned. A logo is a representation of your company; they understand that here and it shows in their work. They are also affordable and expedient so that is always a plus. 10/10 will use again
Donna Saarem
Donna Saarem
March 2, 2019.
I wanted to print some very special thank you cards for those that helped so much with my sick brother who passed away. I tried Shutterfly, Office Depot and Costco on-line. I just could not design the ideal card on my own, so I emailed Digiprint thinking it may take awhile for a response. Well within hours they responded with ideas and the willingness to help...even with this tiny, little print job. Thank you! Within a few days and a few emails, I picked up the cards yesterday and they are perfect. The price was less than the online, self help options I tried. So when the big print job comes up...I will choose Toni W at digiprint in Reno. Thank you so much!! This was such a great experience and far better than expected. 🙂
Jesse Tuttle
Jesse Tuttle
February 28, 2018.
Nice people! Great pricing!

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