There are many advantages to taking most of your business’s resources online. If you have a website and communicate with your customers via email and social media, you might think that there isn’t much more you have to do to get your products in the right hands. 

But technology can only take some brands so far. Smart marketers know that not everything can be taken online and that different mediums are required for the best customer experience. 

Consider a medical device company. Let’s say you order a product and instead of an instruction manual, they just tell you to go to YouTube for a tutorial. Not everyone has internet access and even then, it might be unreliable. You would never want to depend on digital means to make or break your product’s success, not to mention if it is a life-saving device. 

Some industries, including various manufacturing brands, need catalogs, brochures, and instruction manuals to include with their products. And these resources need to be printed at a high quality. That’s where we come in!



Many of the manufacturers we work with require catalogs to showcase their products. Whether they send these catalogs to clients in the mail, present them at their industry trade shows, or provide a stack to retailers, they need quality, printed catalogs to represent their brand. 

Digiprint can help your business design and bulk print catalogs. With our fulfillment and direct mail services, we can also print, store, and send your catalogs too! 



woman reading brochure

If you really want to be helpful to your customers, consider including a brochure in the box with your product. Not only can it help with user-friendliness, but you can also showcase other products your company sells. It also provides an easy way for customers to order again. 

Plus, a quality-printed brochure can be an ongoing reminder to your customers that your products are great and you are a trusted brand. A good brochure can be a communication tool between your brand and the customer.

Beautifully-printed brochures are also great to have on display at your retailers or at trade shows showcasing a new product. 

Instruction Manuals

Many brands in the manufacturing industry from microwave ovens to medical devices require detailed instruction manuals. Not only do instruction manuals need to go into the boxes with the products when shipped, but they can also be readily available at trade shows to perform tutorials. 

Instruction manuals need to be easy to read and understand and help customers to better understand the product. We can help bulk print instructions for your brand’s products. 

Other Materials

Additional print marketing materials we provide to our manufacturing customers include arbitration agreements or return instructions. We can even load data and instructions on USB drives and insert them into clear cases to send with the product. Some clients find that digital files are a great way to communicate with their customers too!

Quality Printing with Digiprint

One of the most important reasons that print marketing can be so valuable for manufacturers is that it is a way to represent the brand. A premium brand needs premium printing in order to maintain consistency. 

With over 30 years of experience and state-of-the-art printing equipment and facilities, we can be your manufacturing brand’s choice printer. We can confidently deliver printed content that completes your well-rounded marketing strategy.

Digiprint works with a variety of local manufacturers. Find out what we can do for you!

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