Campus Printing

As a local Reno, Nevada printing business, we feel very fortunate to have amazing, high quality educational institutions around us. We love working with the many departments in the University system that need printing. We also employ graduates from our local Universities, and we love having them on our team!

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printing services for education industry


Bulk printing can come in handy when it comes to education marketing material. No matter the grade level, from elementary school to high school to college, Digiprint can help your institution with various printing solutions.

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Hospitality & Gaming

As a local Reno, Nevada printing company, we have had years of experience printing for hotels and casinos. Reno is no stranger to visitors, and businesses that welcome those visitors need a good way of communication. Whether it’s brochures at the front desk outlining different loyalty programs, table tents advertising the latest specials, or direct mail services letting the public know about an upcoming event, Digiprint can help.

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printing services for hospitality and gaming industry
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Whether your brand needs business cards, catalogs, promotional materials like calendars, rack cards, or posters, Digiprint can get your brand what you need. Many brands in the manufacturing industry can take advantage of creative marketing tools like calendars and special event catalogs to hand out at trade shows.

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Medical and Dental

Doctor’s clinics, dental offices, and other healthcare professionals have to issue a lot of paperwork. From appointment cards to patient history forms, there are significant printing needs to be met. Rather than exhaust the capabilities of the office’s single printer, consider using your local printer to fulfill your bulk printing requirements.

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printing services for medical and dental industries
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Real Estate

Realtors work hard to get their listed homes in front of potential homebuyers. While digital advertising is an important tool in a real estate professional’s arsenal, printed marketing materials have proven to be tried and true when selling a house.

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Ski Areas & Recreation

Ski areas, water parks, campgrounds, and so many more recreational arenas have use for promotional printing projects. From brochures to flyers, there are plenty of ways that Digiprint can help your business

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Trade Show Printing

Reno holds many conventions and trade shows every year. From gun shows to Hot August Nights to different retail events, the Reno-Sparks Convention Center and hotel conference halls around town are rarely empty. Whether you are manning a booth, helping to run the event, or are an attendee, there may be a need for a printing project
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Being a local Reno Printing services company means you’re able to call a real person, receive custom printing quotes and walk into our print shop anytime.

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