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Custom Catalogs

Your brand may have a solid digital presence and a robust e-commerce platform, but there are plenty of situations where a printed catalog leaves more of an impact on customers. A catalog delivered in the mail can remind a consumer about your products and provide a physical connection to your brand. A catalog offered at a trade show will keep your business front and center. Catalogs can make a lasting impression and are usually ready in a few business days! Learn more about the importance of catalogs for your business.

Catalog Printing Options

Catalog printing can be as creative as you make it. Think the typical 8” x 11” booklets are boring? Try a different catalog size or shape with a plastic coil instead of the typical saddle stitch. Spice up your brand’s catalog design with some fun messaging and eye-catching imagery in a full-color catalog and choose from different paper options like a matte cover with special printing effects. Curious about what these options look like? Request a hard copy sample with your preferred specs to see it come to life! Your catalog will be the one to stand out!

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Catalog and Booklet Sizes

The traditional size of catalogs was 8.5 inches by 11 inches for many years. Increasingly, companies use 12″ x 12″, 18″ x 18″, and other large sizes to showcase lifestyle images. Consumer-generated content such as short reviews, testimonials, and images of customers using the product might be included in the story as it shows off the brand’s personality.

High-Quality Catalog Paper Material and Finish

You’ll have to determine what premium paper you want your catalogue printed on. Our in-house designers will help you create a catalogue that provides the information you need in the most organized format. Here are some things they may suggest:

Paper Stock

This is standard printer paper, but it may be useful if you want to be economical or send your envelopes.

Card Stock/Cover Stock

This paper is heavier and stronger and will be less likely to tear so is a good option for cover paper. Soft Touch lamination also offers a nice finish to catalogs and booklets that provides a professional, sturdy cover.

Custom Catalog Design and Templates

Simplicity is crucial when creating a high-quality catalog. It is important not to overstuff a page with information. It must be visually appealing. Leaving sections blank in order for background images and colors to be effective, you must leave some sections empty of text. Our in-house designers can help you produce a catalog that delivers the information you need in the most organized format. Here are some things they will recommend:

  • bright colors
  • bold headers and appropriate typography
  • lots of bullet points to organize the text
  • high-quality images for clear printing.

Of course, if your brand has proprietary colors, logos, and typography, we will abide by these standards. When it comes to custom catalog printing, it’s best if you have your own unique design, however we do have catalogue templates available.

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Catalog Binding Types

Saddle Stitch

Saddle-stitching books is a simple procedure involving folding and stapling booklets. A booklet is produced from a single sheet of paper that is printed on both sides, collated in page number order, folded in half, and then stapled at the fold with thin wire staples, resulting in a finished size of three sides. Because of the method that a booklet is produced, the number of pages is predetermined. It must be a multiple of four. A softcover and self-cover can be produced. The book can lie flat and remain open as you flip through the pages, making it easier to read. If a product is saddle-stitched along the left or top edge, it can go either way.

Perfect Bound

Perfect binding involves adhering a cardstock cover to the front and back of a book. For the book cover to remain attached around the pages, the binding edge of the inside pages is primed with a thermal glue. After trimming, edges are cut uniformly, or perfectly! In another post, we outline the specific differences with perfect bound vs. saddle-stitching since these are both popular methods.

Square Back Binding

The square back binding provides an inexpensive compromise between the economical and secure saddle stitch binding and the professional-looking perfect binding. We bind the pages with two staples along the center fold of a square back binding. We then apply pressure to the spine to give it a squared-off look. Square back bindings are suitable for digital printing projects of 28-120 pages. Learn more about square back bindings.

Spiral or Coil Binding

A spiral bound printing is a bound document that is printed on both sides, trimmed down to size, and collated in page number order. A continuous plastic coil loop, shaped like a long spring, passes through a line of punched holes at the edge of a printed piece. A spiral bound book has bindings on the left or top of the job, depending on the job’s design. These publications are simpler to handle and lie flat for easy reading (180 degrees). They can be folded or wrapped around themselves (360 degrees).

Wire-O Binding®

The Wire-O Binding® is a durable and user-friendly binding method that binds booklets and manuals. C-shaped wires are threaded into holes along one edge of the pages, creating an attractive binding that withstands repeated use.

Industries We Serve

manufacturing industrial printing services


Printing for the manufacturing industry takes a certain finesse and expertise. Creating marketing materials specifically for manufacturing businesses like mills, factories, or plants means using appropriate colors, images, types, and fonts.

medical dental veterinary printing services

Medical & Dental

Doctor’s clinics, dental offices, and other healthcare professionals have to issue a lot of paperwork. From appointment cards to patient history forms, there are significant printing needs to be met. Rather than exhaust the capabilities of the office’s single printer, consider using your local printer to fulfill your bulk printing requirements.

education printing services


Whether your school is holding a fundraiser and you need hundreds of flyers or you need to send out a school calendar or rack card with direct mail services, we can with our print services. Our in-house graphic designers can use your school’s logo and brand colors and help create a memorable campaign that encourages school spirit!

real estate printing services

Real Estate

Realtors work hard to get their listed homes in front of potential homebuyers. While digital advertising is an important tool in a real estate professional’s arsenal, printed marketing materials have proven to be tried and true when selling a house.

ski area recreation outdoor printing services

Ski Areas & Recreation

Ski areas, water parks, campgrounds, and so many more recreational arenas have use for promotional printing projects. From brochures to flyers, there are plenty of ways that Digiprint can help your business.

hospitality gaming hotel gambling printing services

Hospitality & Gaming

As a local Reno, Nevada printing company, we have had years of experience printing for hotels and casinos. Reno is no stranger to visitors, and businesses that welcome those visitors need a good way of communication. Whether it’s brochures at the front desk outlining different loyalty programs, table tents advertising the latest specials, or direct mail services letting the public know about an upcoming event, Digiprint can help.

trade show printing services

Trade Shows

Reno holds many trade shows every year. From gun shows to Hot August Nights to different retail events, the Reno-Sparks Convention Center and hotel conference halls around town are rarely empty. Whether you are manning a booth, helping to run the event, or are an attendee, there may be a need for a printing project. Here’s how we can help.

convention printing services


Reno, NV is a convention hub and holds a variety of conventions no matter the time of year. Conventions usually feature keynote speakers, workshops, and smaller organized events for attendees to further their knowledge in the industry. Reno has many common conventions like academic conventions, political conventions, auto conventions, and more.


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Common Questions

Do you need a license to print a catalog?

No, a license is not required to print a catalog.

What are the benefits of a printed Catalog?

There are many benefits to having a printed catalog. Catalogs are great tools for marketing and can help attract new customers. They also provide customers with information about the products and services offered by your business. Printed catalogs can be used as a marketing tool to promote your business to potential customers.

How many pages does a catalog have?

A catalog or booklet is described as a folded piece with four pages or panels.

How do I make a Catalog?

The first step is getting all of the data about your items. Collect information such as composition, dimensions, customer testimonials, pricing, and so on. The second step is to plan the structure and design of your catalogue. The third step is to create your product catalogue. The final step is to publish or distribute it.

How much does it cost to create a catalog?

Quantity, paper, ink, size, turnaround time, binding, and page count will ultimately determine the price of your catalog order. Your project could cost between $50 and $10,000, depending on the specifications outlined in this blog.

What is a printed catalog?

A printed catalog is a type of marketing collateral that contains a company’s product or service offerings. It is typically used as a sales tool to generate leads and close sales. A well-designed catalog can also be used to build brand awareness and create an emotional connection with potential and existing customers.

Digiprint | Fastest Turnaround Times in Nevada

When it comes to printing services, Digiprint is the best in the biz. We’ve been printing long enough to overcome any concerns swiftly and efficiently. Our in-house graphic design team can help get you the look and feel you require.

We work with large and small businesses and are able to fulfill long and short runs of catalogs of various page counts with fast turnaround times. We offer a variety of paper types and binding options, paper stock effects like matte and UV coating, and extra features to make a print job more memorable like embossing, foil stamping, metallic inks, and more.

Our digital and offset printing capabilities include full-color printing up to 2400 dpi, the highest quality resolution in the industry, and we always require proofing approval before printing large quantities. We’ve been catalog printing for a while now and our high-quality work proves it.

Our Printing Products and Printing Services


Custom Banner Printing

Whether it’s for your small business’s grand opening or used as a marketing tool for signage at a trade show, high-quality banners can help send your message loud and clear.

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Binders & Manuals

Custom Binder and Manual Printing

Let your brand’s manual tell a story with good design and high-quality material.

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Custom Brochure Printing

Brochures are great marketing tools. Choose the brochure fold, type of paper and finish, and size for an eye-catching pamphlet in your office.

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Business Cards

Custom Business Card Printing

Your business card is an extension of you. It represents what you do, who you work for, and the best way to contact you to utilize your unique skills.

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Custom Calendar Printing

Calendars are a great way to market your business! Each month is a new time to announce your brand’s message in a creative way. 

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Custom Catalog Printing

Your brand may have a solid digital presence and a robust e-commerce platform, but there are plenty of situations where a printed catalog leaves more of an impact on customers.

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Coil-Bound Books

Custom Coil-Bound Book Binding and Printing

Coil-bound books or spiral-bound books are the best way to organize a presentation with a large page count. But a coil-bound book doesn’t need to be boring!

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Custom Printing

Custom Printing Services

Being unique is important. Having something completely your own, custom-made, custom-tailored to your preferences makes all the difference.

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Custom Envelope Printing

Custom-printed, plain, colored, or whatever you can dream up on an envelope, we can deliver. Envelopes are essential for anything mailed, so why not make them more exciting?

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Event Programs

Custom Event Program Printing

An event program is a great organizational tool to keep attendees informed. But a program should also be well-designed and memorable to serve as a keepsake.

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Direct Mail

Direct Mail Services

While it’s good for businesses to be on the forefront of technology and get in front of eyeballs on the screen, they should forget about offline marketing.

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EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

EDDM Services

EDDM®, or Every Door Direct Mail®, is like a physical version of targeted digital advertising offered by the United States Post Office.

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Fulfillment Services

You’ll need a space to store products, capacity to mail them, and a place for them to order online.

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Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding Services

Perfect binding is a cost effective method of book binding perfect for a variety of industries.

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Presentation Folders

Custom Presentation Folder Printing

Presentation folders will impress your boss, your presentation guests, and your employees. They are a way to help you feel more confident and prepared!

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Print Design

Custom Print Design Services

Whether you have a perfect vision for your project’s design, or a blurred vision of a blank slate, we’ve got you covered. We have an award-winning design department that will help you look your absolute best.

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Custom Sign Printing

A high-quality sign will attract high-quality customers! Lucky for you, sign printing and design is where we shine. 

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Table Tents

Custom Table Tent Printing

A table tent is a vertical or horizontal portable pop-up display that often advertises a business campaign, discount incentive, or an upcoming event.

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5 Star

“I was amazed by the fantastic customer service provided by Digiprint. When it comes to my artwork options and great pricing are always important factors, and Digiprint provided both.”

- Robert Hill

5 Star

“Digiprint has been reproducing my prints for quite a few years. As an artist I need a professional result to represent my work. Their color saturation is amazing. The quality of paper is such a higher standard than mail in orders. Their turn around time is faster than Roger Rabbit.We have also used their design services for yearly business reports. . Besides amazing quality and the best customer service, this business quietly goes about giving to the community and supporting nonprofits. This is way more than a 5 star.”

- Ted Oleson

5 Star

“Digiprint provides top notch printing and fantastic service. In addition, Digiprint is a great community partner! Thank you for the beautiful work and the generous support. Highly recommended!”

- Heather Goulding, Susan G. Komen Nevada
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