While technology has certainly affected the printing business (why read a book when you have your phone?), there are certain industries that still benefit from printed materials like dentistry. Dental practices should absolutely utilize digital marketing platforms like dental websites, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and ad networks but there are some dental marketing tools that can only be effective through print!

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Appointment Cards

Dental offices benefit from printed appointment cards in order to give patients reminders for their next appointments. Not only are they good to keep patients organized but they also serve as free marketing. When your appointment cards stand out, they will help your patients remember you and have a better relationship with you, their dentist!

Find out more about the importance of custom appointment cards here.

Dental Appointment Cards


Brochures or catalogs outlining different dental services in your office can help educate patients. When introducing a procedure to a client, it is best to present all the necessary information. That way you won’t miss anything and your patient can feel prepared, comfortable, and can do their own research using the materials if they want to know more.

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Business Cards

Every dentist needs a business card! For all those potential patients you meet in town and to hand out during important conventions and board meetings, you’ll need bulk-printed business cards on hand. From your phone number to your address to your business hours, your card may be one of the best ways to gain prospective patients!

Mailers/Rack Cards

Mailers are a great print marketing tool for dentists. Consider sending a new patient special to the home development near your clinic. Or perhaps target a certain neighborhood to highlight a special dental service as a marketing campaign.

With direct mail services and EDDM, you can send the right advertisements to the right people at the right time. By using our fulfillment services at Digiprint, we can store them and send them so you won’t have to worry about anything!


Dental office calendars don’t need to be boring! With the right design your free dental clinic calendars could be hanging on walls providing free marketing and establishing trust. Just imagine a client’s friend or family member wondering where that cool calendar came from. Now that’s a free referral!

The beauty of print marketing strategies lies in the endless ways to be creative! Our inhouse graphic designers can help your dental office create calendars that will serve more than one purpose.

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We can help your dental office get more clients and build well-deserved trust with the ones you have using high-quality print marketing materials. Let’s boost profitability and make your clinic memorable! Learn more and reach out to see how we can help.