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Whether it’s for your small business’s grand opening or as a marketing tool for signage at a trade show, high-quality banners can help present your message loud and clear. There is more that goes into banner printing options than you may think. From typography to colors to custom sizes, getting the right banner design makes all the difference.

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Binders – Manuals

Let your brand’s manual tell a story with good design and high-quality material. An instruction guide should never be an after-thought no matter what industry you’re in. An employee will take direction more seriously if the materials command it.

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binder and manuals printing services
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Brochures are great marketing tools. Whether your company has a product they want to highlight at a trade show or you need brochures for your doctor’s office, we have the right tools for your project. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the type of fold, the type of paper and finish, and size

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Business Cards

Your business card is an extension of you. It represents what you do, who you work for, and the best way to contact you to utilize your unique skills. It should make a good first impression, and potentially stand out in a stack of business cards. So what should a good, unique business card include? How should it look? How should it feel? There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to a modern business card and it shouldn’t be an afterthought.
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A great way to market your business is to create calendars! Each month is a new time to announce your brand’s message in a creative way. Calendars provide a unique, year-round way to advertise. Our in-house graphic designers can work with your brand to create custom calendars that make sense and make a difference. Whether they are custom printed or using one of our many calendar templates, calendar printing with Digiprint is fast and easy.
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Your brand may have a solid digital presence and a robust e-commerce platform, but there are plenty of situations where a printed catalog leaves more of an impact on customers. A catalog delivered in the mail can remind a consumer about your products and provide a physical connection to your brand. A catalog offered at a trade show will keep your business front and center. Catalogs can make a lasting impression!

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catalog printing services
coil-bound book printing and binding services

Coil-Bound Books

Coil-Bound Books or spiral-bound books are the best way to organize a presentation with a large page count. But a coil-bound book doesn’t need to be boring! By designing a spiral book using the right paper type or paper stock, using different embellishment tools, full color or a classy black & white, and the right imagery, your presentation will have a professional look sure to get attention from the right people!

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Custom Signs

Signs, like retractable banners or vinyl banners, are perfect for occasions from science fairs and school presentations to political yard signs and trade show displays. Consider an A-frame sign to tell passers-by about your latest special at your cafe. Or perhaps a real estate sign to finally sell that house. There are plenty of occasions for a high-quality sign!
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Custom-printed, plain, colored, or whatever you can dream up on an envelope, we can deliver. Envelopes are essential for anything mailed, so why not make them more exciting?

At Digiprint, our in-house graphic designers can help you create a beautiful, one, two, or even full-color envelope. When your clients receive an envelope from your company in the mail, they are getting a first impression of your business. Let’s make that first impression a great one!

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Special Event Programs

An event program is a great organizational tool to keep attendees informed. But a program should also be memorable. Well-designed programs can act as keepsakes for guests to save for time to come.

At Digiprint, our in-house graphic designers can help create an event program that you or your organization can be proud of. You can choose from one of our event program templates or we can help create a fully customizable piece.

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presentation folder printing services

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is the method of bookbinding where a card stock cover is glued to the front and back pages. The binding edge of the inside pages, called signatures, is primed with a thermal glue to keep the book cover around the pages. The pages are then trimmed, the edges cut uniformly, or perfectly!
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Presentation Folders

Picture this: you are entering the boardroom to give a presentation that may lead to a huge business deal and potentially a promotion. You want everyone to follow along with your presentation so you’ve created an outline of your talking points. Do you print out copies on plain white computer paper and staple them together? Or do you hand out marketing materials with beautiful imagery on high-quality paper in a branded presentation folder for attendees to take back to the office with them?
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table tent printing services

Table Tents

A table tent is a vertical or horizontal portable pop-up display that often advertises a business campaign, discount incentive, or an upcoming event. Used primarily by restaurants, table tents make for a sturdy, self-standing advertisement to display a current drink special or best-seller.

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