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Brand the Days, the Months, the Year

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A great way to market your business is to create calendars! Each month is a new time to announce your brand’s message in a creative way. Calendars provide a unique, year-round way to advertise.

Our in-house graphic designers can work with your brand to create custom calendars that make sense and make a difference. Whether they are custom printed or using one of our many calendar templates, calendar printing with Digiprint is fast and easy.

A Marketing Tool That’s Nice on the Eyes

Calendars can be as creative as you make them. Double-sided calendar cards make for great promotional tools, calendar magnets can keep your brand front and center for the customer, and desk calendars will keep employees on task.

Our wall calendars are coil bound or saddle-stitched and photo calendars can provide images that speak to your local environment. Poster calendars or even calendars as pop-up table tents can make for less-intrusive branding tools. They are great giveaways for events, trade shows, or to have on hand to reward a customer for their valuable business.


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Digiprint | A Printing Company That Cares

At Digiprint, we are able to fulfill small and large order runs of promotional calendars with quick turnaround time. We offer a variety of paper options, card stock effects like matte and UV coating, and extra features to make your calendars pop like embossing, foil stamping, metallic inks, and more.


Whether it’s for your small business’s grand opening or used as a marketing tool for signage at a trade show, high-quality banners can help send your message loud and clear.

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Brochures are great marketing tools. Choose the brochure fold, type of paper and finish, and size for an eye-catching pamphlet in your office.

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Business Cards

Your business card is an extension of you. It represents what you do, who you work for, and the best way to contact you to utilize your unique skills.

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Calendars are a great way to market your business! Each month is a new time to announce your brand’s message in a creative way. 

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Your brand may have a solid digital presence and a robust e-commerce platform, but there are plenty of situations where a printed catalog leaves more of an impact on customers.

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Coil-Bound Books

Coil-bound books or spiral-bound books are the best way to organize a presentation with a large page count. But a coil-bound book doesn’t need to be boring!

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Custom-printed, plain, colored, or whatever you can dream up on an envelope, we can deliver. Envelopes are essential for anything mailed, so why not make them more exciting?

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Direct Mail

While it’s good for businesses to be on the forefront of technology and get in front of eyeballs on the screen, they should forget about offline marketing.

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EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

EDDM®, or Every Door Direct Mail®, is like a physical version of targeted digital advertising offered by the United States Post Office.

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You’ll need a space to store products, capacity to mail them, and a place for them to order online.

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Presentation Folders

Presentation folders will impress your boss, your presentation guests, and your employees. They are a way to help you feel more confident and prepared!

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Printed Binders-Manuals

Let your brand’s manual tell a story with good design and high-quality material. An instruction guide should never be an after-thought no matter what industry you’re in.

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A high-quality sign will attract high-quality customers! Lucky for you, sign printing and design is where we shine. 

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Special Event Programs

An event program is a great organizational tool to keep attendees informed. But a program should also be well-designed and memorable to serve as a keepsake.

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Table Tents

A table tent is a vertical or horizontal portable pop-up display that often advertises a business campaign, discount incentive, or an upcoming event.

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5 Star

“I was amazed by the fantastic customer service provided by Digiprint. When it comes to my artwork options and great pricing are always important factors, and Digiprint provided both.”

- Robert Hill

5 Star

“Digiprint has been reproducing my prints for quite a few years. As an artist I need a professional result to represent my work. Their color saturation is amazing. The quality of paper is such a higher standard than mail in orders. Their turn around time is faster than Roger Rabbit.We have also used their design services for yearly business reports. . Besides amazing quality and the best customer service, this business quietly goes about giving to the community and supporting nonprofits. This is way more than a 5 star.”

- Ted Oleson

5 Star

“Digiprint provides top notch printing and fantastic service. In addition, Digiprint is a great community partner! Thank you for the beautiful work and the generous support. Highly recommended!”

- Heather Goulding, Susan G. Komen Nevada