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Being unique is important. Having something completely your own, custom-made, custom-tailored to your preferences makes all the difference. It feels more special knowing that it isn’t coming off a factory line or templated. You’ll rest easy knowing that your design is unlike anyone else’s. When it comes to printing services, custom-made is the way to go.

When it comes to custom printing services, we cover a lot of ground at Digiprint. With our in-house designers and state-of-the-art digital printing presses, we can create anything you dream up. Here are some examples of what we can customize for you.

custom printing cards

Paper Selection

Whether you are making business cards, invitations, postcards, or door hangers, the type of paper you use is important. There are a variety of types of paper that each have their attributes for different printing uses. Three distinguishing factors include weight, finish, and coating. Paper can either be coated or uncoated. Here is the difference:

Tag Paper

This type of paper is stiff and rigid, making it good for door hangers, price tags, table tents, and menus.

Index Paper

This is the paper you see used for index cards. It is also a good paper for postcards and folders.

Text Paper

Text paper is a bit more substantial than book paper, making it the go-to for commercial print jobs or brochures.


Also known as cover paper, this is the most common paper used for business cards. Because it is thick and stiff, it is also a good paper to use for invitations, menus, rack cards, and the like.

Bond Paper

Lightweight bond paper is your standard printer paper. Mid-weight bond paper is a little more substantial and is better for double-sided printing. Heavy-weight bond paper is even heavier and is best for presentations, resumes, and fliers.

Coated Paper

Coated paper is covered with a material that makes whatever is printed upon it stand out. The coating can be shiny or glossy, or matte and muted. While coated paper is hard to write on, it is great for printing brochures or catalogs.

Book Paper

This is the type of paper best for coating. That’s why book paper is most commonly used for magazines, catalogs, or posters.

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper has nothing covering its natural fibers, which makes it easy to absorb ink. Uncoated paper can be embossed or debossed, textured, or smooth and flat like regular paper. Uncoated paper is best used for newsletters, stationary, or flyers.

The weight of paper is also important to consider. There are basically six types of paper and they are each used for different printing purposes.

Style of Cut

Whatever your printing project, sometimes an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper just won’t do. It’s time to get creative with the style of cut for your printing needs! Let’s say you’re getting married. Congratulations! Maybe you have this neat idea to send out invitations shaped like toucans for your tropical-themed wedding. Our designers can work with that! Depending on the weight of the paper you choose, we can customize the card’s cut and envelopes to your heart’s desire.

Graphic Design

Our in-house designers are experts in their field, but they’re artists too! Because we provide personal consultations, either face-to-face, through email, or on the phone, our graphic designers can get a true sense of what you are imagining for your printing needs. There’s no need for clip art here; our graphic designers do everything from scratch and can customize anything you need from business cards to invitations to banners and signs.

Digital Printing

Printing is only as good as the equipment, and at Digiprint we have the best tools to get the job done. Our digital printing presses are state-of-the-art, able to print at 2400 dpi, the highest resolution possible. That means the colors and designs are sharp and clear. We use our digital printers for projects that need fast turnaround and may be on different card stock, like thicker paper.

Specialty Finishes

Depending on your customized printing project, there are lots of different kinds of paper finishes that serve different purposes. When you settle on the type of paper, the style of cut, and the weight, you need to finalize the finish. You can either choose smooth or textured paper for your project but there are even more choices within those categories.

Blank paper

Smooth Paper Options

  • Wove: slightly textured but smooth
  • Bond: typical printer paper
  • Vellum: fine textured, like book paper
  • Smooth: no texture, as smooth as you can get
  • Laser Smooth: best paper for laser printers

Textured Paper Options

  • Linen: most closely resembles linen cloth
  • Laid: features fine lines running both horizontally and vertically on the page
  • Felt: feels soft like felt

Different paper finishes can change the look and feel of the printed product dramatically. Our graphic designers can help you pick the most appropriate paper for your project.

Binding Options

Have a big business presentation coming up? Maybe it’s time to print your long-awaited thesis? Perhaps you just finished a book and you are ready to send it to your editor. If you have multiple pages that you need bound together, we can make it happen. Here are some binding options we offer:

  • Spiral Binding: metal or plastic spiral coils
  • Wire-O Binding: steel wire bent in a C shape
  • Saddle Stitching: folded sheets of paper held together with staples
  • Perfect Binding: pages are glued to the spine (magazine)

Let’s Work Together

Our custom printing services at Digiprint will ensure your project will look exactly how you imagine. From custom banner printing to invitations to business cards to custom sign printing, we can do it all.

Serving the Reno community for the past 30 years has been an honor and we’ve tackled projects big and small. Reasons to choose Digiprint include:

In-house graphic designers

Free delivery in the Reno/Tahoe area

Fast turnaround

State-of-the-art printing presses

Tell us a little more about your custom printing needs and we can get the ball rolling!

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