//Wow Your Customers with a Gorgeous Printed Catalog

Wow Your Customers with a Gorgeous Printed Catalog

What makes a good catalog?  It’s relatively simple: a good catalog makes customers want to buy your products. Going about it may be a little harder than you think, however. Luckily, you don’t have to go far for the best catalog printing in Reno, NV. Use the tips below when you work with our graphic design team to create a gorgeous catalog that will wow your customers.

Create an Appearance of a Lifestyle

When designing a catalog, you need to show consumers how a product will help them achieve the lifestyle they desire. Keep this is mind when creating the product photos and writing the product descriptions. Give your consumers important details about the product itself, but also show how the product can be used in their own lives.

Choose Your Audience

Your products will not necessarily appeal to everyone, so it’s important to be aware of your specific demographic. If your most common customers are teenagers, make your catalog appealing to teenagers. Choosing a limited audience when designing your catalog will actually increase sales because the people your product appeals to most will show the most interest in a catalog geared towards them and them alone.

Consistent Style

Playing off of your narrowed-down target audience, you should also keep your styling consistent. While it’s important to play around with format to keep things interesting, you should stick to the same (small) group of fonts and colors to reinforce your brand image and keep the design of your catalog consistent throughout. Each page of the catalog should be consistent with your brand image.

Center Design around the Product

The products themselves should take center stage. When designing a catalog, ensure that your product photos are the most prominent items on the page so that customers’ eyes will be drawn towards them. Pay attention to the quality of your product photos, because a great design won’t save you if your product photos aren’t.

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