//Tips for Designing an Effective Business Card

Tips for Designing an Effective Business Card

Business cards are an essential marketing tool for business owners and freelance professionals, so they have to be well-designed. Business cards are first impression for your business – they give customers an idea of the quality of your work. Even if you provide top notch services, a poorly designed business card can make customers think you don’t care about quality. Here are some tips for making sure your business cards are attractive, memorable, and useful.

Pick and Choose Your Details

Business cards have limited space, so choose what information you want to convey carefully. Your name, job title, company name, and logo should be clearly displayed. Once you have that part of the design nailed down, consider how you want customers to reach you. Providing too many points of contact can make your card look cluttered, and not providing enough can make you seem hard to reach. Your website URL, phone number, and email address are usually the best points of contact to include. You can also use a QR code to include more information and take up less space. Anyone with a smartphone can download a free QR-code reader.

Choose Fonts for Readability

Make sure your font is large enough to read, and be careful to choose a simple, professional font. Elaborate fonts are difficult to read, and fonts like comic sans look unprofessional. 8 pt. font should be the absolute minimum font size for readability. Paring down the amount of info you display on the card can make this easier.

Choose the Right Colors

Choosing colors for your business card depends entirely on your business. Businesses that specialize in creative areas can get away with using bright colors to make their business seem fresh and exciting – but for some businesses simplicity is key. Remember, simple business cards, if elegantly designed, can be just as memorable as a bright and colorful card.

In our next blog, we will share even more tips and tricks for creating beautiful and unique business cards that will impress your future customers. When you’ve finalized your design, head over to Digiprint for custom business cards in Reno, NV.

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