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Why Custom Business Cards are Essential for Tattoo Artists

As a tattoo artist, you are always looking for ways to get noticed and get more clients in your chair. And, because tattooing is a very visual art form, most tattoo artists turn to social media sites like Instagram and Facebook to share and display their art, along with information about booking appointments. Social media is a great way to get your art noticed by a large audience, but why not take it a step further and order business cards in Reno, NV?


Distinguishes You as a Professional

A custom-designed business card makes any business look more professional. The clients that you would like to tattoo are often very selective when choosing an artist. They have to like your style, trust the shop, and trust your skill as a professional. A beautiful business card shows that you pay attention to detail, and that you take pride in your work. The more professional and polished your business looks, the more people will be willing to let you permanently alter their appearance with a tattoo.


Get New Clients to Follow Your Social Media – and Book an Appointment

Most tattoo artists rely on multiple social media accounts to display their art and advertise their work. Business cards make it easy to collect all of your social media handles onto one, convenient item that can be passed around anywhere you’d like. This way, people who are interested in getting a tattoo can easily view your work and make an appointment with you.


Get Return Clients and New Client

When you give your business card to a new client at the end of their session, it’s an invitation to come back for more tattoos. People who are tattooed tend to stick to one particular style, so chances are good that if you tattoo someone they will want to return for more tattoos in the same style. The business card ensures that they have all your information readily available the next time they want a new tattoo.


Tattoo artists should come to Digiprint for all of their custom business card needs. We can print beautiful, professional business cards that will help you get new clients in your shop.

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